Atlanta Rental Property Marketing and Listing Strategies

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Silas Frazier Realty Can Rent Out Your Atlanta Property with Efficiency and Ease

A positive property management experience starts with excellent leasing. We’re preparing your rental property for a competitive market, pricing it correctly and profitable, and searching for tenants who can be expected to pay rent on time and take care of your investment.

We’ll use our extensive local market knowledge and our innovative technology to accomplish all of that and more. Let’s make a great listing and market your property to all the well-qualified tenants looking for a home in Atlanta.


Preparing Your Rental

Quality tenants are attracted to quality properties. So, we make sure your rental home in Atlanta stands out.

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Today’s residents have high standards for the homes they rent. We’ll meet and even exceed them, showing off your property as the only place they’ll want to live. We’ll recommend upgrades and updates that are cost-effective and sure to attract great residents and higher rents.

Property Pricing

The right price attracts the right tenants. It also helps us to avoid a too-long vacancy. 

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We have advanced technology that digs deep into the specifics of neighborhood and property condition to land on a rental price that’s profitable and competitive. We’ll also track the interest that is generated in your property, knowing when to adjust the price if necessary. Let’s not leave money on the table when we’re leasing your home.

Quality Photos

A great listing starts with professional photos. We are intentional about the pictures we post, making sure that your rental home is showcased and stellar. 

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Our leasing team understands good lighting and how to find the right angles. This is the first impression you get to make, and we use all of our skill and marketing expertise to make your available Atlanta rental property look its best.

Creative Listings

We know tenants scrolling through listings will look at the photos first, so we make sure to grab their attention. 

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Our written property descriptions are equally as engaging, describing what your rental home has to offer and why prospective tenants will love living there. We include pertinent information, too, such as rental amount, security deposit requirements, and whether pets are considered.

Online Rental Advertising

Once we have created the perfect rental listing, we begin to share it in places that we know tenants are likely to find it. This includes all of the popular rental sites online, as well as our own website, which gets a lot of traffic from local and out-of-area tenants who are looking for their next rental home in Atlanta.

Leveraging Social Media

We don’t settle for just the rental sites. We also take your rental listing to the social networks, where we know people are more than happy to like, love, comment, and share. This is where we can answer questions directly when a prospective resident has a question. Our online presence helps us market your property.

Accepting Applications

As interest grows in your Atlanta rental property, we manage all of the showings, answer all of the questions from prospective tenants, and guide them through the application process. We’ll provide our rental criteria before they apply, and follow all fair housing requirements while we’re screening.

Atlanta Property Management Pricing
How Much Does Marketing and Listing Cost?

Silas Frazier Realty LLC offers a leasing-only service, where we charge you just one month’s rent to place a tenant. You may want to explore our full-service property management plans, too, which offer a lot of value and the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

We also provide multiple property discounts.

Why does our leasing and tenant placement pricing strategy stand out?

  • No Vacancy fee
  • No Set-up fee
  • No Advertising fee
  • No Lease renewals fees.

Our policy is “If a tenant does not pay that tenant cannot stay!” You don’t have to worry about unpaid rent. And, when maintenance is needed, we can dispatch our talented vendors and service providers, or we’ll welcome you to use your own preferred maintenance team.

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Have a Question?

Let’s Answer Your Questions about Marketing and Listing

Do I have to rent to Section 8 Tenants?

Participating in the Section 8 housing program is ultimately up to you. Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, provides rental assistance to eligible low-income individuals and families. We can talk to you about the benefits of opening your rentals to Section 8 tenants when we begin the listing process.

How do you market my home?

We have a consistent policy of preparing the property for the market, pricing it competitively, and creating a listing that is shared online and through social media, as well as on our own website.

Do I have to pay for advertising?

No. Our marketing and advertising costs are included in your placement or management fee.

Where can I see my property listing?

Look for your listing on our website, many of the online syndicated sites like Zillow and HotPads, and on our social media pages.

Who do tenants contact to schedule a showing or apply for my home?

Interested tenants will contact us. We will manage the showing and application process, and answer any questions they may have about your property.

How do you choose tenants?

We have a consistent screening process that includes reviewing credit, income, and eviction history. We also look at rental history. Our process is thorough and in compliance with all fair housing laws.

Free Rental Analysis

Price Your Atlanta Rental Property

Before we create a listing and market your property, we have to price it. That’s easy for us, because we have access to excellent technology and data. We also know this market well. We understand the competing properties, the neighborhood dynamics, and the needs of the tenants who are looking.

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