Buyers Save $2000 up to $20000 Cash Back Program!

Our Buyer Clients can receive $2000 up to $20000 after closing on their new or next home!

How does the program work?  That is the easy part:

  1. Buyer must have a written buyer brokerage agreement with Silas Frazier Realty LLC.
    1. Buyer agrees to inform all new home communities that he/she visits that buyer is being represented by Silas Frazier Realty LLC.
    2. Buyer will search for homes over the internet and with Broker. If Buyer finds a home on the internet that Buyer likes, Buyer will first drive by the home to determine if he/she likes the outside of the home and the neighborhood. If Buyer likes both, the Buyer will give Broker the property address, and the selling agent or home owner's name and telephone number, so that Broker can set up an appointment for Buyer and Broker to see the inside of the property.
    3. Property must close in 30 to 45 days after it goes under contract.
    4. Buyer agrees at if lender who is lending the money to the Buyer to purchase the home does not allow for third party contributions, then the Buyer Broker cannot give Buyer the funds.
    5. Funds must be shown on the settlement statement

Program is based on Buyer Broker receiving at least 3% commission of the purchase price of the Home.

Home Purchased for $185,000 up to $200,249 Buyer's TPC up to $2000
$200,250 up to $312,499 Buyer's TPC up to $2500
$312,500 up to $624,999 Buyer's TPC up to $3000
$625,000 up to $1,249,999 Buyer's TPC up to $3500
$1,250,000 up to $2,499,999 Buyer's TPC up to $5000
$2,500,000 up to $5,000,000 Buyer's TPC up to $20,000
Any home priced under $185,000 can receive up to $1000

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