Property Management

We offer property management service. We provide our landlords quality service.

We place tenants in single-family homes, duplexes, town homes, condos and most other rental properties. We screen tenants before they are placed in any of our client’s properties.

Our  fees are:

  1. Management fee
  2. Leasing fee

No Vacancy fee, Set-up fee, Advertising fee, Lease renewals or any other “got you” fees.

Our clients do not have to worry about collecting rent because we collect rent for them. Our policy is “If a tenant does not pay that tenant can not stay!” If we have clients who have properties in need of repair, we have maintenance people who can do these repairs or our clients can use their own people.

We charge 8% of monthly rents or $80.00 (which ever one is greater) for property management.

We charge 1 month’s rent for tenant placement.

Ask us about our multiple property discount!

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